COURSE DESCRIPTION  –  This is a 4 credit hour, graduate level course, and it can be applied to an Master of Arts in Biblical Studies Degree or in Theology. The course covers the life of Daniel and role of Prophecy in relating to history as well as the end times. This course is necessary in understanding the foundation of the Book of Revelation.

There is no textbook with this course. All of the study materials are located in the courses syllabus on this website. Once you have purchased the course, you will be given access to the course syllabus which is in a PDF format. This allows you the option of either reading the study materials online or printing them out for your own convenience.

Enrollment in this course will allow you to log in at any time and work at your own pace. If you would like to take this course, you can contact the main office at 1-410-634-9005 – between 9 am & 5 pm EST, Tuesday – Thursday, or can email Pastor Ed at: cbcpastored@yahoo.com

To access course material, click on “COURSE SYLLABUS” below.