This exciting program can be taken on a Masters level or Undergraduate level. , starting this Sept.1, 2013 (Fall Semester). This is a 38 credit hour program, designed to give you a Biblically solid understanding in Messianic Jewish Theology. From Creation to the Return of Christ, you will be equipped in the “Hebrew – Christian” knowledge of the Bible. Students enrolled in this program will be mentored by Dr. Ivan P. Mehosky / Professor of Messianic Jewish Studies (see Bio below). The M.J.S. academic schedule is listed below.


The MJS courses are self-paced, external studies-distance learning format with interaction between the student and professor via email and telephone communication. Studies will be based on the Student Syllabus and Study Guide, plus text notes and/or text books as applicable. For maximum benefit, student should take courses in order shown below.

Dr. Ivan P. Mehosky, Professor of Messianic Jewish Studies

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MJS500 – Genesis I…..3 credit hours

MJS501 – Genesis II…3 credit hours

MJS502 – Jesus In The Hebrew Scriptures: The Identity of the Messiah…3 credit hours

MJS503 – Messianic Christology…4 credit hours

MJS504 – The Life of Messiah & A Harmony of the Gospels I…3 credit hours

MJS505 – The Life of Messiah & A Harmony of the Gospels II…3 credit hours

MJS506 – The Coming of the Messiah I…3 credit hours

MJS507 – The Coming of the Messiah II…3 credit hours

MJS508 – Israelology & The Messianic Jewish Epistles…4 credit hours

MJS509 – A Survey of Jewish History and Hebrew Christianity…3 credit hours

MJS510 – Rays of the Messiah/Israel in the Plan of God…3 credit hours

MJS511 – The Messianic Prophecy Bible: Israel and Messianic Jews in the 21st Century…3 credit hours

TOTAL:  38 credit hours


MJS 500/Genesis I

3 Credit Hours

   This is a study of the very first book of the Bible of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), “The Book of Genesis.”  The approach used in this in-depth study is from a Messianic Jewish perspective, and is based on the commentary work of Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum.  The Hebrew meaning of words and phrases of Genesis will become more significant as we follow the “Toldot” structure of this course: eleven family documents written in Hebrew that were handed down from one generation to the next, and eventually to Moses, who wrote the book.

   This is the book that opens up an understanding of all creation, the very beginning of everything that GOD created by his spoken word: “Let there be.”  This study follows the very first human beings created by GOD: Adam and Eve.  From this point forward into history, and from the chosen “Seed line” of the Messiah, through Gentiles and Jews, we will look at the people and events and places that shaped the story of the first 2,000 years of human history on earth.  Also notably: Noah and the Flood; his three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth that started human civilization after the Flood, with an in-depth study of the Table of Nations of Genesis, chapters 10 and 11.This is then followed by the story of Abraham and Sarah and the beginning of the Jewish people, God’s chosen people.  Chapters 1-23 will be studied in detail.

   This is the first book of the Hebrew Scriptures, the “Torah,” the “Law.”


MJS 501/Genesis II

3 Credit Hours

   This study covers the life and events of three great people in the beginning stages of the Jewish people and their history: Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.  In all cases, God is directing events to their fulfillment.  Chapters 1-11 covered about 2,000 years or more; chapters 12-50 covers about 200 years in Canaan, Haran, and Egypt.  The focus of Genesis II will be on chapters 24-50.


MJS 502/Jesus In The Hebrew Scriptures&Y’SHUA, The Jewish Way To Say Jesus

3 Credit Hours

   This is a concise study of the names and appearances of God in the Old Testament from a Messianic Jewish perspective.  More precisely, it is a scholarly, investigative work about the One in the Godhead who manifested Himself as a manin numerous accounts throughout the Hebrew Scriptures to men and women, and they did not die.  Who is this mysterious “Angel” who spoke and appeared, and caused a prophetic event to be fulfilled, and thendisappeared from sight?  What were the circumstances of His appearing, and why?  Is there only one name of God, or many? Why?

   In the second the text of study, “Y’shua,” the author wrote: “Long ago, the Jewish Scriptures predicted the coming of One who would redeem the world from evil and usher in a new order of living.  This book examines those prophecies to see whether Jesus fulfilled them.”


MJS 503/Ha-Mashiach:The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures&Chronological Aspects Of The Life of Christ

4 Credit Hours

   This study is concerned with what is known theologically as Messianic Christology.  It is a survey of the Messianic prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures which were fulfilled at the First Coming of Messiah (Jesus Christ). 

   This study is presented from a Messianic Jewish perspective, and it will be shown that these prophecies in the life of Yeshua (Jesus) cannot be fulfilled in any other way.  The Old Testament Scriptures which speak of the First Coming of the Messiah will be examined in the same context and categories that Jesus and the Apostles used: The Law, The Prophets, and The Writings. 

In the complementary study, the author of the second text noted: “Jesus Christ entered into the history of our world.  The backbone of history is chronology, a science of time.  It seeks to establish and arrange the dates of past events in their proper sequence.  This chronology serves as necessary framework upon which the events of history may be fitted.

   This is not a book on the life of Christ but it attempts to establish certain fixed dates of our Lord’s life.”  


MJS 504/505 Life of Messiah I & II and “A Harmony of the Gospels”

6 Credit Hours

The Jewish foundation of the Life of Messiah is based on the course taught by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum per the main teaching sections and notes and utilizing and in conjunction with the text, “A Harmony of the Gospels,” by A.T. Robertson, this six credit hour course is a study of the life of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus) based on the context and culture of first century Israel.

   The Gospels were written for different target audiences with themes emphasized, but each of them was written within the framework of the culture of first century Israel.  This study will take us through all four Gospels concurrently, based on Luke’s order of events. 


 MJS 506/507: The Coming of the Messiah I & II

6 Credit Hours

   The approach used in this in-depth study of Biblical prophecies that await a future fulfillment, is based on the text, “The Footsteps of the Messiah,” by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, utilizing a Messianic Jewish perspective. 

   This is a study of prophecy.More specifically, it is a study of ‘eschatology,’ the study of the ‘last days.’  This work will examine prophecy chronologically; it will deal with the sequence of events as they are revealed in Scripture.  It will deal with the prophecies that are being fulfilled at the present timeand with the sequence of events as they unfold in the Tribulation and the Millennium, culminating in the Eternal Order.


MJS 508/Israelology: The Missing Link In Systematic Theology &The Messianic Jewish Epistles: Hebrews-James-I & II Peter&Jude

4 Credit Hours

In his introduction of the text, Dr. Fruchtenbaum wrote: “The issue of Israel is one of the major points of division in evangelical theology today.  Paul, in his epistle to the Romans, which contains the first Systematic Theology in Church history, expounds on Israel in the center of his epistle devoting three full chapter (9-11) out of sixteen to this topic.  The primary purpose of this study is to identify and systematize the doctrine of Israel.”Of the twenty-one epistles in the New Testament, five were written to Jewish believers dealing with the needs of Jewish believers and specific issues that Jewish believers faced in the first century, such as persecution and false doctrine.  There are things in these epistles applicable to all believers, but some are true only of Jewish believers.


MJS 509/Survey of Jewish and Messianic Jewish History& Israel In The Plan of God

3 Credit Hours

This is a survey study of Jewish history Hebrew Christianity, better known today as Messianic Judaism.  Students will look at the past and present history of the Jews around the world, and also gain insights to the glorious time that awaits Israel in the future.  This course utilizes many different views of Jewish history to better enable the student to see the triumphs of God’s people weighed against the depths of misery the Jewish people have suffered everywhere over the span of over two millennia.  Furthermore,  Deuteronomy32, Psalms 105 and 106, and Isaiah 51 are explored in this great work of Israel in the Plan of God.


MJS 510/Raysof Messiah’sGlory/The Shepherd Of Israel and His Scattered Flock & The Servant of Jehovah

3 Credit Hours

   This “Trilogy” is a wonderful, in-depth and heart-warming study of the Messiah, Jesus Christ from three different aspects by one of the greatest Messianic Jewish writers of the past two hundred years: the incomparable David Baron of England (1855-1926).  In this study you will gain incredible insights about Jesus as never before as you read first, “The Rays of Messiah’s Glory,” followed by “The Shepherd of Israel and His Scattered Flock,” and finally, “The Servant of Jehovah.”  You will learn things about Messiah that touch the soul, and be blessed forever.


MJS 511/The Messianic Prophecy Bible/Israel and Messianic Jews in the 21st Century

3 Credit Hours

   This final course in the Messianic Jewish Studies program presents a look into the Messianic Jewish Movement today as well as Messianic events that are taking place in Israel today and influencing the culture and its people.  We will also study things about the Jewish people and historical events right up to our time in the 21st Century. 


In our studies, like any great study being undertaken, I have found:

“We cannot take it all in, but we can take in some; we cannot understand it all, but by the grace of God, we can understand some, and we shall be the better as Christians.”

 Rev. Dr. Ivan Paul James Mehosky+, Th.D., Professor of Messianic Jewish Studies/Dean, Messianic Jewish Studies Program


Program of Study

   The MJS Courses may be taken as follows:

As “electives” toward any degree offered by CBC&S

As a Master’s Degree in Messianic Jewish Studies totaling 38 Credit Hours

As a Doctor’s Degree in Messianic Jewish Studies totaling 38 Credit Hours plus a Dissertation (10 Credit Hours)


1. Contact Pastor Ed Connatser, Vice President, Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary @ 410-829-7669 for interview and enrollment/registration and course fee (degree (s), transcripts, etc.).

2. Once this requirement is met, Dr. Ivan Mehosky will be contact the student (a check will be required for cost of materials and mailing).
3. Course materials will be sent to student with student syllabus for directions to obtain text books if required.

4. This is a distance learning, self-paced program of study whereby the student set the schedule.  Once student has all the materials to start the course, contact Dr. Ivan Mehosky for a start date.

5. All assignments and exams are to be mailed to Dr. Ivan Mehosky for grading.

6. Final grade for the course will be sent to CBC & S, and a certificate of completion with grade and credit hours will be sent to the student.

7. Student will contact Dr. Mehosky to determine next course, and then student will in turn contact Pastor Ed to pay course fees.


 Dr. Ivan P. Mehosky / Professor of Messianic Jewish Studies





Doctor of Theology, Master of Theological Studies (Advanced Standing), Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, Ridgely, Maryland; Master of Education, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia; Bachelor of Science, Physical Education, Frederick College, Portsmouth, Virginia; secondary school teacher in Virginia for eight years; 31 years with Federal Government; Professor, Harford Community College, Bel Air, Maryland; Professor, Cecil College, North East, Maryland; Professor, Harrisburg Area Community College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; authored and published “The Story of a Soldier” in 2001 and again in 2006.