T521 – DEFENSE OF THE FAITH – Masters Level

THE DEFENSE OF THE FAITH  is a four (4) credit hour course in Apologetics. THis course is based on Josh McDowell’s text book “A READY DEFENSE” and provides over sixty (60) vital “Lines of Defense” for the Christian faith.  This Masters Level course is a must and also includes work in the second textbook “Jesus Among Other Gods” by; Ravi Zacharias.  This course will arm the believer with such a volume of evidence that he/she will be ready to give a defense for the faith that resides in their heart. How reliable is the Bible?  Can we trust it and why?  How is the Christian faith different from other religions?  Why is Christianity unique?  Can we prove the deity and humanity of Jesus? What evidence is there that Jesus Christ was really raised from the dead? This course will prepare you to answer these questions and much more!


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