This is a 4 credit, “Work Book” format course. There is no syllabus for this course. You will be graded on how well you comprehend and answer the questions in the work book. Through the teachings of Irving L. Jensen, you will be exploring the Bible’s message in the book of Leviticus with this complete do-it-yourself Bible study guide. This study includes helpful outlines, charts, maps, diagrams and explanations. for personal, group or classroom use. Many people feel that the book of Leviticus is to hard to study. This self-study manual will guide you into a new understanding of and appreciation for one of the most important books of the Bible. As you study, you will be brought face to face with the holiness of God and the sinfulness of man. You’ll gain fresh insight into God’s requirements for cleansing and fellowship with Himself through the sacrificial system, which pointed to the future finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary. Both the grading & correspondence of this course can be handled by email or post office mailings. This course requires you to purchase your workbook online before you can start. For further questions, please contact Pastor Ed at: cbcpastored@yahoo.com

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