This is a 4 credit, “Work Book” format course. There is no syllabus for this course. You will be graded on how well you comprehend and answer the questions in the work book. Through the teachings of Irving L. Jensen, you will be exploring the Bible’s message in these three books with this complete do-it-yourself Bible study guide. This study includes helpful outlines, charts, maps, diagrams and explanations. for personal, group or classroom use. These Old Testament books show God’s continual provision for His people as He brings them out of captivity and re-establishes them in their land. This Self-Study Guide will help you follow each exciting event in God’s program of reconstruction and renewal of the nation Israel. The book of Ezra covers both the return and the rebuilding of the Temple. Nehemiah demonstrates unmatched skills of leadership and organization as he rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem during the restoration of God’s people to their land. The familiar story of the faith and courage of Esther again demonstrates God’s sovereignty, miraculously delivering His people from bondage and exile. Both the grading & correspondence of this course can be handled by email or post office mailings. This course requires you to purchase your workbook online before you can start. For further questions, please contact Pastor Ed at: cbcpastored@yahoo.com

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